Friday, May 27, 2011

The Wondrous Work of India Flint

Shortly after taking Charllotte Kwon's Natural Dye Workshop at Maiwa, I discovered the stories and tales from the prophet of bloom - the words and muses of India Flint.

It is with great enchantment that I peruse India's blog - always discovering treasures and detours on and off the path of natural dyes.

To put it simply - I absolutely love India's work, especially her eucalyptus dyes and regional approach to dyeing. I can't wait to take a workshop with India one day.  Hopefully down under where the gum trees abound!

But for now, I shall experiment with India's book at my side. A great source of inspiration, Eco colour is full of stunning images and information to guide me through my dyeing adventures - starting with plants and flowers from the garden. Thanks India for the use of your pix!


  1. thank you Anik for your kind words...

  2. i absolutely agree with you Anik .............

  3. Anik, I too recently discovered India Flint and am enjoying the same book. I have a large eucalyptus in my yard and am waiting for leaves to fall so I can play!