At The Urban Weaver Studio

 At The Urban Weaver Studio page - you will find a gallery of photos and links that relates to The Urban Weaver Project .  The pictures below feature some of my work whereas the links at the bottom of the page will take you to a collective of sites on the project.

 English Ivy and Blackberry Vine Baskets, Cedar Bracelet

English Ivy spokes for the basket's structure and Himalayan
Blackberry vine - dyed with Flag Iris bulbs - for the weavers
Weaving Technique - twining, free form

Himalayan Blackberry vine basket

 Weaving Technique - plaiting and twining using a form (wooden block)

 Himalayan Blackberry braid with 5 single strands (left)
Cedar braid with 5 strands folded in half (right)
Weaving Technique - braiding

Himalayan Blackberry vine "3D"


Cedar Weaving Bracelets
 Weaving Technique - plaiting with cedar bark strips of a 1/4 " (left) and an 1/8 " (right)

The following three links to The Urban Weaver Project are from Sharon Kallis' Collection. Sharon's extensive collection offers the viewers a wonderful insight into her art projects and the work of other participants in the community.  The links below are only but a few sets of images.

  • "Harvest Shots!" shows the process of harvesting English Ivy, Himalayan Blackberry and Flag Iris.

Todd DeVries' blog - Giihlgiigaa - Haida Weaver - offers heaps of information on weaving methods, tools and material as well as clear instructions on various projects.

Martin Borden's video of The Urban Weaver Project really captures the essence of the project on film.  The videos on Himalayan Blackberry, Flag Iris, English Ivy and Dancing The Scotch Broom depict in detail the process of harvesting and preparing these materials.

Joy Witzsche's passion for weaving is revealed in her stunning baskets.  Joy recently created Weaver of Weeds to share her work while also contributing to the Urban Weaver creation at Stuff from the Studio.