Saturday, December 31, 2011

June, July ... December

The other half of 2011 has been filled with lots of new knowledge and wonderful fibre moments.

The Maiwa Symposium - with the quality of its workshops, lectures and events - certainly was a highlight. I was privileged this year to assist Michele Wipplinger  with her workshop and learned a lot about colour theory.  I also learned that banana is a great reducing agent for the indigo vat. Who would have thought?  Well ... Michel Garcia did and his workshop INDIGO: The Organic Vat was simply fascinating.

Beyond indigo, my explorations with the dye pot continued on the back porch with carrot tops, peonies, roses, rhubarb and much more from the garden.

All the while, the knitting needles were clicking away and small projects took shape.  Socks, hats, wrist warmers were created and gifted along the way.

As for my time at the loom, it has been quite exploratory. Jumping from colour to lace, to texture and hand spun yarns. My various lengths of cloth are so different to one another, showing openness and tightness at the same time. The dress form is now ready to be draped, and ideas are forming around the design of these cloths.

Fibrations and a couple of SAORI-kai (gatherings) were  also a source of inspiration this fall. And more recently, some time spent on Salt Spring Island.  

My latest piece "Soft and Textural" was woven at Saori Salt Spring. Intrigued by a few weft variations and the effect of the comb reed, I first learned these new techniques and then played with lots of texture while weaving with a soft gentle touch.  So many variations ... so much more to discover. 

Happy 2012 Fibre Explorations!