Monday, May 31, 2010

Photos of my "Cool Cross" Scarf

Very colourful - I love every single colour!

Flat - the way it was woven on the loom.

3-D - the warp off the loom

My "cool cross" scarf - a very "cool" way of weaving a three dimensional scarf.  It is my new favourite!

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Saori exploration continues ....

I have just returned from a very refreshing weaving retreat to Saori Salt Spring with Terri Bibby.  Our time spent together was inspirational in many ways and I learned a lot from her, and also from Jill who came from California to study Saori with Terri.  Jill currently teaches sewing classes from her studio Heartgallery and will soon be offering Saori weaving workshops.

For four days, I fully immersed myself into weaving and really embraced the Saori approach to weaving.  Terri shared with us the philosophy of Saori and stories of her recent trip to Japan - there's great photos posted on her blog.  Needless to say ... I can't wait to travel to Japan and visit some of the Saori studios!

Back to Salt Spring Island - Terri shared with us some weaving techniques, Saori clothes-making ideas, and much more.  I was encouraged by her guidance to learn from my own experience and to develop my unique creativity.  I chose to learn and create a three dimensional scarf by weaving a "cool cross scarf".  Wow ... very "cool" indeed!  The scarf is woven flat, but comes off the loom in three dimensions ...  I will post some pictures soon.

In the meantime, if you are interested in three dimensional weaving, Terri is teaching a class this weekend at Knotty By Nature Fibre Arts.