Monday, December 3, 2012

Textile and Wood - an "hors pair" combination

Speaking of the Crawl, it's been a pleasure for a second time around to display some of my weaving along with Stu's work at Beatty Street Woodworkers. We both enjoy playing with the characters of our chosen medium to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

One of Stu's recent design is this wonderful functional piece that hangs scarves beautifully.  Dressing up the claro and black walnut piece are some of my personal favourites - a marvel of burnt orange,  a delightful scarf knitted with alpaca, the cool cross scarf and a recent sculptural woven addition.

This year, Stu also displayed some benches - all of them made of re-purposed timber but offering different lines, shapes, lengths and types of wood.  Each one is unique and combines ingenuity in design and craftsmanship.

The bench below my scarves is made of red and yellow cedar as well as ebony, whereas the bench on the right is made of douglas-fir and ebony. Designed as a low bench,  its main feature is the cast iron legs salvaged from an old window weight pulley system.

The "grand" bench of them all is made of western red cedar.  The legs - offset and angled forwards - capture the attention as a design element, while the claro and black walnut bring contrast to the bench (details on left photo).

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