Thursday, September 20, 2012

Opportunity for contemplation

The Little Green Dress Projekt by local artist Nicole Dextras is a stunning creation. Nicole happened to be at the garden when I visited the exhibition - allowing for a fortuitous conversation on the project, the process and the materials.

The aim of Nicole's project is to promote awareness on the enormous impact the clothing industry has on our environment and the need for change. For these reasons, the dresses are entirely created with organic materials. By the end of September, The Little Green Dress Projekt will feature 21 dresses all made of botanical material left to decompose back into nature.

If you are in Vancouver, don't miss the Earth Art 2012 exhibition at the VanDusen Botanical Garden - only 10 days left.  And if living far away, take a detour to Nicole's dresses online.  There's much to contemplate!


  1. Thanks for sharing this - these are amazing dresses!! Won't get to see them in person, but the look so great and so creative....

  2. thanks for this, it's a wonderful idea. while cleaning up my garden I'm starting a "fashion scarecrow" of my own.

  3. Terri and Jean - glad I could share this link with you.