Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Treasuring Thrums

Thrums ... THRUMS ... Thrums
Thrums are full of colours
Thrums offer lots of textures
Thrums are simple treasures

Silk thrums in the warp

Silk thrums in the weft

Let's see where those thrums take me and as Misao-sensei would say
"Let's adventure beyond our imagination"


  1. Beautiful colours and yarn - definitely treasures!

    Happy Weaving,

  2. De la soie. Quelle beauté. Melanie

  3. Hi, first, I've been following your blog for a few months. Thank you for making your pictures and process available in your blog :)

    What is a thrum?

    Thanks <3

  4. Hi Floating - thank you for following my blog :) I'm happy that you're appreciating my photos and writings. Thrums are by definition the "waste" yarns or the fringe of warp threads left on the loom after the fabric is cut off. For a Saori weaver like me, thrums are essentially wonderful bits of yarns to be used in future weaving projects.

  5. Thanks Terri - some of the colors remind me of the Australian bush .. the earthy hues and eucalyptus trees!

  6. Merçi Mélanie - j'adore travailler et créer avec la soie; elle est effectivement de toute beauté!